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Network Educational Australia's Clearview Laminating Pouches are a great way to protect important documents from moisture, abrasion, and continual use. The 80 micron pouches will extend the life of your activity sheets and allow you to use them over and over. The gloss finish gives your documents a brilliant presentation.

  • Each side has a thickness of 80 microns, totalling 160 microns per pouch.
  • They allow you to greatly extend the life of important documents and papers.
  • They have a stylish gloss finish.
  • Once sealed, the pouches will protect the documents from dirt, moisture and abrasion.
  • There are 100 pouches per pack.
  • Sold exclusively by Network Educational Australia direct to our Australian education customers.

Pricing - Why are our prices lower than retail? You are buying at wholesale rates. This is the price that a store would pay, while we sell direct to the schools at these prices. We buy direct from the manufacturer and have no middlemen. Pricing for freight and feedstocks have risen greatly and caused pricing in Australia to rise sharply. We have absorbed these commodity prices and freight charges due to our lower overheads, sharper business practices and not trying to price gouge. Schools across Australia deal direct knowing they have accounts and returns for faulty items. We have been dealing with schools for nearly 40 years - we know the process well!

Quality Assurance - Network Educational Australia has been supplying education al resources since 1983 and have been supplying covering plastic to schools since 2005. We have many thousands of satisfied customers buying our covering plastics and we have now extended the offering to include laminating pouches. All our products are guaranteed to be fit for purpose. Our customers work on trust and we consider this the most important business asset to protect.

Environment - We are in a continual improvement mode at a micro-scale with our business to recycle materials, reduce energy use and replace any materials that are harmful or carbon-intensive.  On the macro-scale we are supporting all efforts to reduce pollution of the ocean, land and air - nationally and internationally. These items have minimal packaging to reduce addition to the waste stream.

Reviews - If you like what we have supplied and have found it quality for purpose then consider leaving a review. Your feedback is very important to us to direct our efforts to support you and secondly, your fellow educators will appreciate this information in making a decision.

  • Series: Clearview Cover

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