About Network Educational Australia

Network Educational Australia is a privately-owned family business headquartered on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Network Educational Australia (NEA) services schools, TAFEs, universities and other organisations in the region via sales reps and in other areas with agents, website orders and promotional information. We have been servicing schools and libraries across Australia and internationally since 1982! As other suppliers have come and gone, Network Educational Australia remains strong and continues to grow.

Since 1982, Network Educational Australia (ABN: 76930312971; GITC: Q2616, SOA 84286) has been supplying schools, colleges, libraries and institutions with educational materials. We do this via our sales agents and representatives, Scottsdale Drive store, catalogues and webstore.

What is special about us? We turn up each day planning that teachers and schools will need something from us and we end the day satisfied that we are working in the greatest industry – education! We are passionate about education, particularly focusing on literacy requirements. We love dealing with teachers and librarians, knowing we are enhancing their great work. We look for the best products to tell our customers about and we listen to your requirements. We try to ship immediately and make sure that all the paperwork is done smoothly for you. We are not afraid of new changes, and our webstore is the most visited education site in Australia. We are continually aware of striving to do better and making sure that you get the best experience possible.

Our specialities:

  • Library and teacher resources via our sales representatives. Please contact us for further details.
  • Online ordering – our webstore has continual specials as well as the most up-to-date titles being released so you can save by ordering online. The comprehensive range covers all educational titles - most of the important ones have been reviewed.
  • Text books – quoting and supplying textbooks to schools throughout Australia. We cover with plastic, barcode and stitch texts so you can make sure that the books will serve you well over a number of years.
  • Stationery/book packs – we supply schools and students with the range of their requirements. We pack the bags and can offer home delivery. You can order via the website making ordering and payment a breeze.
  • We accept Purchase Orders. Simply enter your PO# into the field in the Shopping Cart, or at Checkout.
  • Buying Guides –

Teacher librarian services

We can provide book-covering, barcoding, labelling and other services for your library. Find out about our services to you! We can also offer special prices and shipment services direct to your school of all the latest releases. Please contact sales at sales@network-ed.com.au or phone (07) 5568 0288 for information on specials for teacher librarians.

With close to 40 years in education, we look forward to a continual role in your success in the classroom. Our new website is faster, security-enhanced, comprehensive, and easier to use – we look forward to your comments.

Happy teaching,

Rob Watts

Managing Director