eXplore Chapter Books

We are pleased to announce the special offer on the new set of the eXplore series. A series based on individuals overcoming personal challenges and succeeding as well as other topics on nature and science. In eXplore Set 2, timeless classics are included, recreation and sports, nature and sciences. Beautifully presented and cleverly written for the struggling reader in primary and secondary classes.

Low literacy level books can be used with a great range of students. High-interest readers provide the opportunity to engage the students in topics of interest to them. Reading age is 6-7 years. Reading recovery levels are:

  • Set 1 (paperback): levels 19 to 28
  • Set 2 (hardback): levels 14 to 20

Hardback books to stand up rigorous use over a long period. This new series is heavily discounted to provide you with a superb set of readers which are ideal for the HiLo classes and ESL at a low literacy stage. The content is designed to be of interest to the upper primary and early secondary-level students.

The Teachers’ Resources are comprehensive and include 'before reading' exercises, addressing familiarity with the sight words, and 'after reading' to extend with reading, writing, and comprehension. It is aimed at building word vocabulary, sight words, and writing practice exercises.

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eXplore Chapter Books Set 2

eXplore Chapter Books Set 2

Sale price $379.00 Regular $459.00
eXplore Chapter Books Set 1

eXplore Chapter Books Set 1

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The Roadhouse to Nowhere 9781922516039

The Roadhouse to Nowhere

Sale price $19.95 $22.95
Bushrangers! Captain Thunderbolt 9781922516046

Bushrangers! Captain Thunderbolt

Sale price $19.95 $22.95
Murphy, Care Dog 9781922516053

Murphy, Care Dog

Sale price $19.95 $22.95
The Boy in Buchenwald 9781922516060

The Boy in Buchenwald

Sale price $19.95 $22.95
My Wild Farm 9781922516077

My Wild Farm

Sale price $19.95 $22.95
Clever Cats! 9781922516084

Clever Cats!

Sale price $19.95 $22.95
Inferno! 9781922516091


Sale price $19.95 $22.95
Extreme Tassie Trekking! 9781922516107

Extreme Tassie Trekking!

Sale price $19.95 $22.95
Wandering Animals 9781922516114

Wandering Animals

Sale price $19.95 $22.95
The Loaded Dog 9781922516121

The Loaded Dog

Sale price $19.95 $22.95
BMX Champ 9781922516138

BMX Champ

Sale price $19.95 $22.95
Frankenstein 9781922516145


Sale price $19.95 $22.95
Messages in a Bottle 9781922516152

Messages in a Bottle

Sale price $19.95 $22.95
Whales! 9781922516169


Sale price $19.95 $22.95
Buddy, Rat Terminator 9781922516176

Buddy, Rat Terminator

Sale price $19.95 $22.95
Gulliver's Travels 9781922516183

Gulliver's Travels

Sale price $19.95 $22.95
Poppy, Police Dog 9781922516190

Poppy, Police Dog

Sale price $19.95 $22.95
Dracula 9781922516206


Sale price $19.95 $22.95
Aliens - the Never Ending Story! 9781922516213

Aliens - the Never Ending Story!

Sale price $19.95 $22.95
Crocs and Gators! 9781922516220

Crocs and Gators!

Sale price $19.95 $22.95
eXplore Set 2 Teachers' Resource - Books 21-40 9781922516237

eXplore Set 2 Teachers' Resource - Books 21-40

Regular price $49.95
Mawson 9781922370143


Regular price $12.95