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The beautiful comic format was chosen to provide an appealing and familiar format to beginning readers. The story unfolds and provides oral language opportunities with the graphics.

The text is structured for decoding so it is very limited in word range. The children will be able to decode or be presented with prior familiarisation with sight words. Children will immediately find these attractive and fun readers a great way to practise their decoding.

Phonics Skills are built sequentially with full teacher directions given with each reader. Each reader is unique in layout and character presentation to provide an engaging and rich reading experience. The more children practise their reading skills the faster they will achieve fluency and independent reading. It is strongly advised to provide daily opportunities for children to read.

The series covers a sequential plan of work and can be an additional support to other classroom activities. The set covers the initial consonants and then blends. There are teacher guidance notes for each of these readers with listed sight words to review before starting on the series.

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Comic Decodables Series 1 Value Pack CD1VP

Comic Decoders Series 1

Sale price $179.90 Regular $199.00
What Can I Do? 9781761270819

What Can I Do?

Regular price $9.95
What Can You Do? 9781761270826

What Can You Do?

Regular price $9.95
Hello Pat! 9781761270833

Hello Pat!

Regular price $9.95
No, Pat, No! 9781761270840

No, Pat, No!

Regular price $9.95
No, Pat, No, No, No! 9781761270857

No, Pat, No, No, No!

Regular price $9.95
Kip Got a Kit 9781761270864

Kip Got a Kit

Regular price $9.95
Pip Reads a Book 9781761270871

Pip Reads a Book

Regular price $9.95
Pip On a Trip 9781761270888

Pip On a Trip

Regular price $9.95
Germs at School 9781761270895

Germs at School

Regular price $9.95
Germs at the Park 9781761270901

Germs at the Park

Regular price $9.95
Germs at Home 9781761270918

Germs at Home

Regular price $9.95
Mick is Sick! 9781761270925

Mick is Sick!

Regular price $9.95
Mick to the Vet 9781761270932

Mick to the Vet

Regular price $9.95
Jack the Vet 9781761270949

Jack the Vet

Regular price $9.95
Scrub, Scrub, Scrub! 9781761270956

Scrub, Scrub, Scrub!

Regular price $9.95
Chop, Chop, Chop! 9781761270963

Chop, Chop, Chop!

Regular price $9.95
Mix, Mix, Mix! 9781761270970

Mix, Mix, Mix!

Regular price $9.95
Out I Go! 9781761270987

Out I Go!

Regular price $9.95
In I Go! 9781761270994

In I Go!

Regular price $9.95
Try, Try, Try! 9781761271007

Try, Try, Try!

Regular price $9.95