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Clearview Cover is the industry standard polypropylene plastic with a quality adhesive in an 80 micron thickness. This thickness stands up to the rigour of classroom and library requirements. The blue grid pattern allows easy management and precision placement of the book to cover accurately and quickly. The removal of bubbles and air spaces is quickly achieved with a simple hand held plastic squeegee or palm of your hand.

The rolls are in economical lengths of 25 metres to maximise the number of books which can be covered based on placement and bench length. This obviously allows a lot of throughput in a minimal amount of time.

The pricing offered to you is based on direct purchasing from the manufacturer and then passing these savings on to you hence making our pricing incredibly reasonable for your school. Every year we sell many thousands of boxes of this contact without a single complaint and most of the customers are re-orders! There is a 12 month warranty and we can swap and exchange any contact you are not 100% happy to use.

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Great for protecting my books.

Margaret Carter

prompt service

Julie Bennett
Clearview contact

Arrived quickly and using the website is easy

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