Write for Queensland Book 3 9781442547315

Write for Queensland Book 3

Author: Jorgensen, Sherylea

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Write for Queensland Fourth Edition follows a carefully sequenced progression through pre-writing activities, Beginner's Alphabet, exits and entries and Queensland Modern Cursive. This edition features a new Prep book which includes new pre-writing activities to model correct letter formation.

Features and benefits
- a different theme for each book
- fun, novel reinforcing activities specific to the letter shape or join focus
- reference cards
- engaging, full colour pages
- directional arrows and starting dots
- activities using appropriate spelling words
- comprehensive teacher's notes
- plenty of practice
  • Format: Paperback
  • Series: Write for Queensland
  • Publication Date: 19/09/2011
  • Publisher: Pearson Education Australia
  • Subject: Handwriting, Textbooks and Workbooks
  • Audience: Primary
  • Curriculum: QLD
  • Year Level: Year 3

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