When Rain Turns to Snow 9780734420053

When Rain Turns to Snow

Author: Godwin, Jane

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Lissa is home on her own after school one afternoon when a stranger turns up on the doorstep carrying a baby. Reed is on the run - surely people are looking for him? He's trying to find out who he really is and thinks Lissa's mum might have some answers. But how could he be connected to Lissa's family - and why has he been left in charge of a baby? A baby who is sick, and getting sicker...

Reed's appearance stirs up untold histories in Lissa's family, and suddenly she is having to make sense of her past in a way she would never have imagined. Meanwhile, her brother is dealing with a devastating secret of his own.

  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 288
  • Publication Date: 30/06/2020
  • Publisher: Lothian Children's Books
  • Subject: Fiction
  • Audience: Secondary

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