The Joy Cowley Club Set 1

Author: Cowley, Joy

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  • The Joy Cowley Club Set 1 Series Bundle contains all available components in the series
  • The Joy Cowley Club Set 1 Big Book Bundle contains all available Big Books in the series


Title Level Series
Big Book Bundle
Barbie at Pet Day (Big Book)
Barbie the Wild Lamb (Big Book)
Barbie’s Coat (Big Book)
Ghost Train, The (Big Book)
Go to Bed Oscar! (Big Book)
Gruesome Halloween (Big Book)
Gruesome House (Big Book)
Gruesome Song (Big Book)
House of Funny Mirrors, The (Big Book)
Hubba Dubba (Big Book)
New Pen, The (Big Book)
Oscar Did It! (Big Book)
Paper Games (Big Book)
Well Done Oscar! (Big Book)
Wild Ride, The (Big Book)
Barbie at Pet Day 10
Barbie the Wild Lamb 12
Barbie’s Coat 13
Ghost Train, The 14
Gruesome Halloween 16
Gruesome Song 17
House of Funny Mirrors, The 12
Hubba Dubba 14
New Pen, The 13
Paper Games 12
Well Done Oscar! 08
Wild Ride, The 07
Joy Cowley Club Set 1 Audio CD


The Joy Cowley Club features trios of stories about new characters from Joy Cowley. The Set 1 trios include:

  • Anna and her “wild” lamb, Barbie
  • A family of friendly ogres called the Gruesomes
  • A big brother and wise little sister who visit a fun fair
  • Oscar – the little brother who tries to keep up with his siblings
  • The classroom equipment that comes to life after school
  • Format: Pack
  • Series: The Joy Cowley Club Set 1
  • Publisher: Clean Slate Press
  • Subject: Big Books
  • Audience: Primary

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