Jacaranda Geography Alive 10 for the AC 2nd Ed LearnON & Print 9780730347859

Jacaranda Geography Alive 10 for the AC 2nd Ed LearnON & Print

Author: Price, Jill

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The latest editions of Jacaranda Geography Alive AC series include these key features:

  • SkillBuilders provide an in-depth learning sequence to help students master more than 70 geographical skills across the Jacaranda Geography Alive series
  • A Geographical Concepts section defines and explains each of the seven concepts, with activities to help students develop and apply their understanding
  • Links are provided to case studies in the Jacaranda myWorldAtlas for teachers seeking supplementary content to develop deeper student learning
  • Topics have been structured into subtopics that present sections of content to suit classroom teaching practice
  • ‘Review and Respond’ feature allows students to consolidate knowledge, skills and concepts, and demonstrate progress
  • Reading content with integrated media provides a dynamic and uninterrupted learning experience

Sample chapters:

Jacaranda Geography Alive 10 AC 2E
Topic 1: The world of Geography Topic 8 Geographical Inquiry: Developing an environmental management plan
Topic 2: Introducing environmental change and management Topic 9: What makes a good life?
Topic 3: Land environments under threat Topic 10: Human wellbeing and change
Topic 4: Inland water — dammed, diverted and drained Topic 11: Is life the same everywhere?
Topic 5: Managing change in coastal environments Topic 12: Trapped by conflict
Topic 6: Marine environments — are we trashing our oceans? Topic 13 Fieldwork Inquiry: Comparing wellbeing in the local area
Topic 7: Sustaining urban environments
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 288
  • Series: Jacaranda Geography Alive
  • Publication Date: 15/12/2017
  • Publisher: Jacaranda
  • Subject: Geography
  • Audience: Secondary
  • Curriculum: Australian
  • Year Level: Year 10

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