Excel Basic Skills Workbooks: Reading and Comprehension Years 1-2 9781864413403

Excel Basic Skills Workbooks: Reading and Comprehension Years 1-2

Author: Horsfield, Alan

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After completing Excel Basic Skills: Reading and Comprehension Years 1-2 your child will have improved their reading and comprehension skills, and will be prepared for more advanced work at primary school level.

In this book your child will find:

  • a step-by-step learning approach
  • a review of basic reading and comprehension skills
  • a wide variety of activities
  • many different text-types to read and analyse
  • a lift-out answer section

Comprehension of text involves bringing meaning to written (and spoken) language. It is more than the reading of printed words. The meaning of words, their context in which they exist along with punctuation and writing style all contribute to the comprehension of a specific piece of text. By experiencing a range of text types the child is more able to find the meaning in a given text. This book uses a range of text types so that the student will feel confident in a variety of situations. Text types are usually broken into two broad types. Within each group are numerous varieties - some are listed below:

  • literary texts which include narratives (novels/stories)
  • poetry and drama scripts
  • factual texts which include explanations
  • expositions
  • information reports
  • recounts
  • procedures
  • Format: Paperback
  • Series: Excel Basic Skills Workbooks
  • Publication Date: 01/10/2004
  • Publisher: Pascal Press
  • Subject: Study Guides, English
  • Audience: Primary
  • Curriculum: Australian
  • Year Level: Year 1, Year 2

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