Essential Mathematics CORE for the Australian Curriculum Year 8 (print and interactive textbook) 9781108878937

Essential Mathematics CORE for the Australian Curriculum Year 8 (print and interactive textbook)

Author: Greenwood, David

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Essential Mathematics CORE for the Australian Curriculum Years 7–10 provides a practical interpretation of the Australian Curriculum to help students meet the minimum requirements of the Achievement Standards.

Combining a proven teaching and learning formula with innovative digital capabilities, Essential Mathematics CORE encourages students who require additional support in mathematics to master the basics of applied mathematics in everyday life and in the workplace.

Revised ‘Understanding’ questions
‘Understanding’ questions have been revised to be more closely linked to the ‘Key Ideas’ section to promote class discussion and to help consolidate the fundamental skills and concepts needed for the topic.

‘Now You Try’ questions for every worked example
Questions without worked solutions have been added to every worked example. These additional questions give students immediate practice at the same type of question covered in the worked example before completing equivalent exercise questions. ‘Now You Try’ questions also provide teachers with extra material to demonstrate questions in the same style as the worked example, without students having seen the solution beforehand.

Modelling activities
Modelling activities in each chapter encourage students to use the modelling process to define, solve, verify and communicate solutions to real-life problems.

Tools to help students keep track of their progress
‘Learning Intentions’ at the beginning of each lesson clearly state what the student can expect to learn in the lesson. A checklist of success criteria, complete with short example questions, is then provided at the end of every chapter to assist students with keeping track of their progress, and as a form of quick revision.

New Pre-tests
A new Diagnostic Pre-test in the Interactive Textbook for each chapter can be used to test students on the content before the topic has started and can be re-done later to assess progress. This is in addition to the existing Pre-test that assesses prior knowledge.

Even more comprehensive digital support
Our extensive digital support now offers even more features to enhance the teaching, learning, assessment and reporting experience through integrated digital resources and a powerful Learning Management System (LMS).

Features you know and love
Essential Mathematics CORE retains many of the features that made our previous series Essential Mathematics GOLD for the Australian Curriculum so popular.

  • Logical and sequential development
    The sequencing of topics throughout the textbook for each year level encourages deep understanding, reduces lesson planning time, and allows the teaching program to be built around the textbook. Logical topic development is supported by carefully graded questions, linked examples, investigations and key point summaries in an uncluttered layout.
  • Supports differentiated learning
    Two separate working programs are subtly embedded in every exercise in the student text, offering ‘Building’ and ‘Progressing’ pathways throughout the text. Within chapters, revision (Consolidating) and extension (Gold Star) sections are clearly signposted to make it easier for teachers to prioritise particular topics in each chapter to suit their students’ needs and goals.
  • A practical interpretation of the proficiency strands
    Our highly regarded interpretation of the Australian Curriculum proficiency strands supports precise grading of questions and consistent depth across all topics in the curriculum. Every question is grouped according to the four proficiency strands and every lesson contains questions for all four strands.
  • Develops vital literacy skills in mathematics
    A range of features are included to develop vital literacy skills in mathematics such as pop-up definitions (with illustrations, examples and audio pronunciation for all key terms), drag-and-drop and fill-the-gap literacy-based activities within the Interactive Textbook, and maths literacy worksheets in the Online Teaching Suite for use in the classroom or as homework.
  • Format: Print & digital
  • Series: Essential Mathematics CORE
  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press
  • Subject: Maths, Textbooks and Workbooks
  • Audience: Secondary
  • Curriculum: Australian
  • Year Level: Year 8

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