Connecting English: A Skills Workbook Year 7 9781108893022

Connecting English: A Skills Workbook Year 7

Author: Bittner, Sue

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Connecting English is a fresh workbook series that supports your teaching of language and literacy, with a focus on applying these skills across key learning areas.

Experienced teacher author team
The authors of these workbooks are practising and former teachers from across Australia. Their diverse range of teaching experience has enabled them to develop a range of effective exercises to introduce each skill and offer strong support to teachers.

Structure supports skills application
These new workbooks divide each unit into two student-friendly halves: understanding essential skills and applying these skills to real-world texts, supporting language and literacy across all key learning areas.

Wide range of samples with cross-curricular links
The sample texts chosen for activities are drawn from across the key learning areas to support students’ use of language and literacy, and interests across all subjects. These cross-curricular links are explicitly signposted in the workbooks.

Extensive teacher resources
Extensive teacher support material includes suggested responses to all exercises, PowerPoint documents for addressing more difficult concepts, and guidance for scaffolding information and making connections between units. Extra information is also provided on the text extracts and how they effectively demonstrate a skill.

More features:

Student-friendly design
The design of these workbooks provides ample room for students to write their answers for each activity. The format is student-friendly with short introductions to the skill being taught followed by a range of engaging activities, including a ‘Just for fun’ exercise at the end of each unit.

Discrete unit formatting
Each unit can be completed in a single lesson or used for homework. It comprises a double-page spread for understanding and practising a skill, followed by a double-page spread of exercises that involve applying the skill to different types of writing, including the option to use the text that the class is studying.

Great preparation for senior English
We are aware of the diverse needs of the senior syllabuses across Australia, ranging from vocational and EAL/D to the more demanding needs of literature courses. To this end, the Year 10 workbook has been designed to develop students’ skills in anticipation of the more rigorous demands of the senior syllabus, alongside revision of core concepts.

Flexible digital components
Each workbook is accompanied by a digital form-fill PDF version and an interactive quiz for each unit. The digital version is also available for separate purchase as a digital only option.

  • Format: Mixed Media Product
  • Series: Connecting English
  • Publication Date: 01/08/2020
  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press
  • Subject: English, Textbooks and Workbooks
  • Audience: Secondary
  • Curriculum: Australian
  • Year Level: Year 7

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