Cambridge Maths Stage 4 NSW 2nd Ed Year 7 9781108466219

Cambridge Maths Stage 4 NSW 2nd Ed Year 7

Author: Palmer, Stuart

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CambridgeMATHS NSW Years 7-10 Second Edition combines a proven teaching and learning formula and complete syllabus coverage with a new level of innovative digital capabilities to guide students through Stages 4 and 5 mathematics and prepare them for success in Stage 6.

The second edition of CambridgeMATHS NSW Years 7-10 retains all of the features that have made this series so popular, and now offers a new level of digital support and important revisions and additions to address the needs of a wider range of students and provide even greater support to teachers.

What's new in this edition:

  1. Exercises have been revised so that there is an improved flow from the Key Ideas and worked examples to the exercise questions. Understanding and Fluency questions are grouped together as are Problem Solving and Reasoning questions to allow a smoother gradient of difficulty throughout the exercise, and to better reflect the interconnected nature of the Working Mathematically components.
  2. Three separate working programs are now discretely embedded in every exercise offering Building, Progressing and Mastering pathways through the text to provide more support for differentiated learning. Chapter tests have increased from one to four per chapter and are written at three levels of difficulty.
  3. Powered by the Cambridge HOTmaths platform, the Interactive Textbook and Online Teaching Suite offer effortless and immediate navigation to powerful digital resources:
    • Videos for key examples.
    • Workspaces in the Interactive Textbook that allow students to complete all activities online.
    • Self-assessment tools that allow students to assess their own working and alert the teacher to questions that they don't understand. 
    • Embedded Desmos Interactive Widgets and an interactive graphing calculator, geometry and scientific calculator tools.
    • A Learning Management System offering exceptional support for teachers including task management, testing and reporting. Reports allow teachers to see students' working and summaries of student self-assessment, completion rate of students' work, and questions they have flagged as difficult looking at either individual students or a whole class.
  • Format: Mixed media product
  • Series: Cambridge Maths NSW
  • Publication Date: 26/07/2018
  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press
  • Subject: Maths
  • Audience: Secondary
  • Curriculum: NSW
  • Year Level: Year 7

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