Biology for QLD an Australian Perspective Units 3&4 3E Student book+obook assess 9780190313548

Biology for QLD an Australian Perspective Units 3&4 3E Student book+obook assess

Author: Huxley, Lorraine

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The new Queensland Senior Biology syllabus affects all aspects of teaching and learning - new teaching content, new course structure and a new approach to assessment. As EPAA Secondary Publisher of the Year 2017, 2018 and 2019, Oxford University Press is committed to helping teachers and students in Queensland reach their full potential. Biology for Queensland: An Australian Perspective 3E provides depth and complete coverage of the new syllabus in a format that offers extensive support for teachers and their students. This comprehensively updated two-volume edition covers Units 1 and 2 (Book 1), and Units 3 and 4 (Book 2).

Key features include:

  • A Biology Toolkit which is a stand-alone reference section that explains the structure of the syllabus, supports the acquisition of key skills and provides practical tips for success in Biology
  • A Practical Manual which outlines suggested methodologies for every mandatory practical in the syllabus
  • Learning pathways which are clearly mapped directly to the syllabus to ensure complete coverage
  • Assessment support and resources which include exam preparation and practice
  • Coverage of key subject matter which is presented using clear, concise language supported by engaging visual elements and sequenced to scaffold student learning
  • Differentiated teaching which is supported by a range of appropriately levelled questions and activities for each section
  • Inquiry learning and critical thinking approaches which are clearly modelled throughout Additional digital learning resources which support teachers and students.

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  • Format: Mixed media product
  • Series: Biology for Queensland
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • Subject: Science
  • Audience: Secondary
  • Year Level: Year 12

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