Another Night in Mullet Town 9780702253959

Another Night in Mullet Town

Author: Herrick, Steven

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'People like you and me, Jonah,we drag down the price of everything we touch.'

Life for Jonah and Manx means fishing for mullet at the lake, watching their school mates party on Friday night and wishing they had the courage to talk to Ella and Rachel. But now their lakeside town is being sold off, life doesn't seem so simple. Manx holds a grudge against the wealthy blow-ins from the city and Jonah just wants his parents to stop arguing. One memorable night at the lake will change everything. An iridescent verse novel from award-winning author Steven Herrick that shines light on friendship, family and finding your way.
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 224
  • Publication Date: 27/06/2016
  • Publisher: University of Queensland Press
  • Subject: English, Novels
  • Audience: Secondary

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