My Reading Explorer

Release date: June 2021

This is a full-featured online reader platform. It is for the early years and primary levels. It is simply based around the reading levels of each student. These levels are set by the teacher and change as per the teacher's direction. Each level has over 30 readers to choose stories. The teacher administration can review the class and individual student progress on each book.


  1. 20 plus books per level from Levels 1 to 30.
  2. Quizzes, review exercises and sentence writing. Student progress is monitored.
  3. Students can log-in anywhere and read their books and answer the attached questions and quizzes. The completion and the stage is updated and accessible from the teacher log-in.
  4. Teacher has total control of levels allocated and it is based on the quality of responses and the fluency expressed in the process.
  5. Difficult words have audio to check the word and hear it said and pronounced.
  6. Move students easily to new levels, reading groups and other classes.

Students will be able to read as much as they like without restriction of sharing print resources which are limited. All students can access the same title simultaneously.

Want to know more? We will provide a FREE trial period until to the end of 2021 for anyone who wants to test results achieved.

Subscription can be annual or tri-annual with per annum upgrades.

Cost will be less than $10 per student per year.

Interested? Contact us at any stage 0403389468 or send an email: for more information.