Indigenous Studies Resources

We have published three major product ranges in the Indigenous Resources space. Firstly, we have the History of the First Australians readers, which utilises Indigenous perspectives, stories, and knowledge as the core of an exciting and ever-relevant literacy series. Secondly, our Walkabout Wellbeing Cards, Yarn Circle Wellbeing Cards, and Indigenous Games Cards are resources for use within and outside that classroom that are designed to facilitate conversations about mental health, wellbeing, self-esteem and other areas for growth, as well as encouraging activity and exercise. Thirdly, the Indigenous Studies Teacher Guides are designed to help teachers expand their lessons and content to include Indigenous knowledge and viewpoints.

As publishers, it is great to hear back that students are benefitting from our History of the First Australians series. Sets 1 and 2 are also extremely popular with students, as they are fascinated with stone toolmaking, basket-making, and other skills such as hunting and tracking. We have now published up to Set 5 and have already mapped most of Set 6 for release in 2025. The Our Stories titles are written by Indigenous authors who receive royalties for their great work. Literature reviews on specific broad topics such as the Kimberleys are written by scholars. We are up to 70% of our titles being written by Indigenous authors, though some topics will continue to be written by experts regardless of origin.

Indigenous authors have shaped the content and direction of our publishing. Our job has been to publish these books and other projects, and make sure they are the best they can be. We have won 3 national awards for History of the First Australians. In 2023, we were highly commended for the readers in the Australian Publishers Award and Trevor Fourmile won his category for Walkabout Wellbeing Cards. In 2020, we won in the Primary Resource category for Set 3 of the History of the First Australians. A lot of time, effort, and resources have gone into making these publications, hence their popularity. Indigenous authors from all states are represented and form a broad spectrum of stories, perspectives, and history. Many are well-respected elders and award-winners for other activities. Trevor Fourmile for example, is a Cairns artist and writer who is a keynote speaker at the upcoming Cairns Writers' Festival. Ken Jones is another example – he is from South Australia and has been awarded numerous times for his work in conservation and in his Boandik community.

If you require any further information – feel feel free to contact us at any stage.

Rob Watts