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Network has not stopped during this period. We have had our warehouse shipping daily and customer service looking after your queries. Network Educational Australia is busy with orders. We certainly have appreciated your business. We have moved to a new online webstore to make sure security and order processing is top class. The webstore has replaced the fax machine as far as order placement.

Well what can be added to this unprecedented period of our lives? There seems to be a lot more kindness being expressed and people helping each other which is great.

Two things we have noticed:
  1. Schools are definitely not an obsolete institution! Most parents had no idea as to what is required as far as organisation and presentation of content besides managing a classroom full of kids. Most got a 'FAIL' from their kids!
  2. Online learning is no replacement for the classroom. Online was a great contribution for students to continue their classes. Online is cheaper, convenient, receptive, and relevant but misses the most important, deep learning! You can do rote examples and homework well using online but it is does not build fluency and nuance of the subject. It is hard to love biology sitting looking at YouTube. How does this compare with counting birds and insects in a garden? Or discussing over what you would do if you went to Gold Rush in early Victoria.

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