The Joy Cowley Club Wishy-Washy Set

Author: Cowley, Joy

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  • The Joy Cowley Club Wishy-Washy Series Bundle contains all available components in the series
  • The Joy Cowley Club Wishy-Washy Big Book Bundle contains all available Big Books in the series


Title Level Series
Big Book Bundle
Wishy-Washy Garden (Big Book)
Wishy-Washy Mirror (Big Book)
Wishy-Washy Mouse (Big Book)
Wishy-Washy Music (Big Book)
Wishy-Washy Sleep (Big Book)
Wishy-Washy Tractor (Big Book)
Wishy-Washy Card 04
Wishy-Washy Cat 04
Wishy-Washy Clothes 03
Wishy-Washy Corn 03
Wishy-Washy Garden 04
Wishy-Washy House 03
Wishy-Washy Ice Cream 03
Wishy-Washy Letter 04
Wishy-Washy Mirror 04
Wishy-Washy Mouse 03
Wishy-Washy Music 02
Wishy-Washy Pie 03
Wishy-Washy Road 03
Wishy-Washy Sleep 02
Wishy-Washy Audio CD


Mrs Wishy-Washy now has her own series, with 15 brand-new titles dedicated to Mrs Wishy-Washy, her husband, and her animals.

World renowned children's author Joy Cowley has used her many years of experience to create texts that both empower and delight the reader. The Joy Cowley Club Wishy-Washy is set apart from other reading programmes in that even at the earliest reading levels, Joy creates stories with lovable characters, a plot, and a humorous twist at the end of each story. Each book is a 'real' story.

  • Format: Pack
  • Series: The Joy Cowley Club Wishy-Washy Set
  • Publisher: Clean Slate Press
  • Subject: Big Books
  • Audience: Primary

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