The Joy Cowley Club Set 2

Author: Cowley, Joy

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  • The Joy Cowley Club Set 2 Series Bundle contains all available components in the series
  • The Joy Cowley Club Set 2 Big Book Bundle contains all available Big Books in the series


Title Level Series
Big Book Bundle
Miniboy and Cake Day (Big Book)
Miniboy in Danger (Big Book)
Miniboy’s Travels (Big Book)
A Book for Pet Cats 12
A Book for Pet Dogs 12
A Book for Pet Parrots 12
Bobby Bear 12
Bowling 12
Computer Is Back 13
King of the Table 13
Miniboy and Cake Day 12
Mr Tang’s Taxi at Sea 12
Mr Tang’s Taxi in the Snow 13
Rose Bear 11
Toby Bear 10
Joy Cowley Club Set 2 Audio CD


The Joy Cowley Club features trios of stories about new characters from Joy Cowley. The Set 2 trios include:

  • The classroom equipment that comes to life, part 2
  • Advice for pets on how to live and behave with humans
  • The exciting escapades of Mr Tang and his special tax
  • The adventures of Miniboy and his pet “horse”, Mousie
  • The lives of a group of teddy bears in a toy museum
  • Format: Pack
  • Series: The Joy Cowley Club Set 2
  • Publisher: Clean Slate Press
  • Subject: Big Books
  • Audience: Primary

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