The Dreams of the Chosen 9780702236051

The Dreams of the Chosen

Author: Caswell, Brian

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From award-winning author Brian Caswell comes the long-awaited conclusion to the Deucalion sequence, which was first published in 1995 to much acclaim. Across light years of space millions of settlers have come to the planet Deucalion to escape their past and build their future. Deucalion is a source of great wealth, and a chance for a new beginning. But what does this mean for the people who live there and for the people who continue their story in the new book The Dreams of the Chosen ? Can they survive? The Dreams of the Chosen is the much-anticipated conclusion to the series, which started with Deucalion and was followed by the popular sequel, The View from Ararat . Brian Caswell takes you on an excursion into future-history, merging fact with fantasy in a gripping read for young adults and lovers of speculative fiction that will leave you wanting to start the series all over again!

  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 376
  • Publication Date: 22/05/2013
  • Publisher: University of Queensland Press
  • Subject: English, Novels
  • Audience: Secondary

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