Super Miraculous Journey Of Freddie Yates, The 9781474974042

Super Miraculous Journey Of Freddie Yates, The

Author: Pearson, Jenny

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Freddie Yates likes facts. Just not the one staring him in the face – that his secret plan is not, in fact, secret.

Because Freddie's journey wasn't meant to involve Big Trev and the onion-eating competition or the loo-exploding pear-and-potato turnovers. And Freddie definitely didn't expect to end up, with his two best friends, on national television in a supergirl costume.

But journeys never take you where you think they will. And for Freddie, that fact might just have to be enough...

The super funny, heart-warming adventure of three boys, one summer holiday, and a few miracles along the way.

  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 304
  • Publication Date: 08/07/2020
  • Publisher: Usborne
  • Subject: Fiction
  • Audience: Primary

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