Jacaranda Maths Quest 11 Specialist Mathematics Units 1&2 for Queensland eBookPLUS & Print + StudyON Specialist Mathematics U1&2 for QLD (Book Code) 9780730365433

Jacaranda Maths Quest 11 Specialist Mathematics Units 1&2 for Queensland eBookPLUS & Print + StudyON Specialist Mathematics U1&2 for QLD (Book Code)

Author: Smith, Catherine

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This combined print and digital title is designed to help teachers unpack the new curriculum and help students at the point of learning, so that every student can experience success in the classroom, at home and thus ultimately in the exam.

An access code for the eBookPLUS comes free on the inside cover of your printed text, so you can make the most of both the print and digital formats

The latest editions from the Jacaranda Maths Quest for Queensland series include these key updates: 

  • Inclusion of important language to help frame question sets such as Simple Familiar, Complex Familiar and Complex Unfamiliar
  • New assessment practice sections designed as per QCAA guidelines and samples, including Problem Solving and Modelling Tasks
  • New chapter questions and activities are aligned with Marzano and Kendall's new taxonomy: 4 levels of cognitive process - retrieval, comprehension, analysis and knowledge
  • Jacaranda's unique exam preparation tool, studyON, is now included free and fully integrated to help prepare students for their exams
  • Provides an unmatched interactive learning experience, through a variety of new interactivities to help students understand challenging concepts
  • Free online Fully Worked Solutions with every student text
  • Exam practice questions included in every chapter

Sample chapters:

Jacaranda Maths Quest 11 Specialist Mathematics Units 1 & 2 for Queensland
Unit 1: Combinatorics, vectors and proof Unit 2: Complex numbers, trigonometry functions and matrices
Chapter 1: Permutations and combinations Chapter 6: Complex numbers
Revision Unit 1 Topic 1: Chapter 1 Revision Unit 2 Topics 1: Chapter 6
Chapter 2 : Representing vectors in the plane Chapter 7: Sketching graphs
Chapter 3: Algebra of vectors in the plane Chapter 8: Trigonometric functions
Practice assessment 1
Problem solving and modelling task
Chapter 9: Trigonometric identities
Revision Unit 1 Topic 2: Chapters 2 and 3 Revision Unit 2 Topic 2: Chapters 7 to 9
Chapter 4: Introduction to proof Chapter 10: Matrix arithmetic
Chapter 5: Circle geometry Chapter 11: Matrix transformations
Revision Unit 1 Topic 3: Chapters 4 and 5 Revision Unit 2 Topic 3: Chapters 10 and 11
Practice assessment 2
Unit 1 internal examination
Practice assessment 3
Unit 2 internal examination
Practice assessment 4
Units 1 and 2 internal examination
  • Format: Quantity pack
  • Pages: 616
  • Series: Maths Quest for Queensland Senior Series
  • Publication Date: 19/11/2018
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Australia
  • Subject: Maths, Textbooks and Workbooks
  • Audience: Secondary
  • Curriculum: QLD
  • Year Level: Year 11

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