Essential Mathematics for the Australian Curriculum Year 8 9781107568853

Essential Mathematics for the Australian Curriculum Year 8

Author: Greenwood, David

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This second edition of the popular series now combines a proven teaching and learning formula with the seamless integration of a structured student text, rich digital learning resources and a powerful learning management system.

  • NEW - The Interactive Textbook – integrated with Cambridge HOTmaths – allows effortless and immediate navigation from the textbook content to over 200 video demonstrations of worked examples in every year level, interactive widgets and walkthroughs that visually represent and reinforce maths concepts and much, much more.
  • NEW - The Online Teaching Suite – allows you to easily assign work, create customised tests and report on progress with the learning management system (LMS) in this essential teaching resource.
  • NEW - Captioning is now available on all video demonstrations to support hearing impaired students or as an option for classrooms where audio is not appropriate.

Complete and authoritative coverage of the Years 7 to 10 & 10A Australian Curriculum (and state variants):

  • Logical topic development is supported by carefully graded questions, linked examples, investigations, and key point summaries in an uncluttered layout.
  • Every question is grouped according to the four proficiency strands of the Australian Curriculum and every exercise contains questions for all four strands.
  • Three different pathways (Foundation, Standard and Advanced) through the exercises cater for learners of all ability levels. These pathways are now indicated in the textbook and detailed working programs are provided to support differentiated learning.
  • Format: Mixed media product
  • Series: Essential Mathematics
  • Publication Date: 11/08/2015
  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press
  • Subject: Maths, Textbooks and Workbooks
  • Audience: Secondary
  • Curriculum: Australian
  • Year Level: Year 8

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